Home Page

Aim Home Page is a high-level overview of your training activities and how to find your way around the Aim UI.


There are three main sections:

Explore Aim

In the Explore Aim section, you will find a list of recommended resources to help you get started with Aim or navigate through an existing Aim project. Here are its main sections

Quick Navigation

The quick navigation section provides a quick way to navigate through your runs. It includes:

  • Active Runs

  • Archived Runs

  • Last week’s runs

Recent searches

In this block, you will find your last three successful queries with the ability to navigate through them.

Experiments table

This block displays your experiment data in the table format. Also, it provides the ability to compare the selected ones on the explorer pages.

Tags table

The tags table provides a quick way to navigate to your tags and compare them on the other explorer pages.


This section displays your bookmarks and provides the ability to navigate through them.


The overview section is a high-level overview of your training activities. It includes:


Here you can find the total number of runs and tracked sequences. Also, each card is clickable and you can navigate to the Runs and Sequences pages.

Active Runs table

The active runs table provides the list of your active runs. Also, the ability to compare your runs in other explorer pages.

Contributions heatmap

The heatmap shows the intensity of experiments you have made for the day - the darker the color the more experiments.

Each cell represents the set of training runs for that day. The cells are clickable!

Once clicked, you will navigate to the Runs explorer page and automatically query the runs made on that day.

Activity feed

This section represents the activity feed of your contributions. It includes the following information:

  • The date of the activity

  • The type of activity

  • The name of the activity

Latest Changes

In this section, you can find the latest changes in Aim. It includes:

  • The latest changes to the Aim version

  • The Changelog of the Aim versions

  • The helpful doc links for exploring the Aim