UI Basics

Aim enables powerful UI to explore logged ML runs and metadata.

Runs explorer

Runs explorer will help you to hollistically view all your runs, each metric last tracked values and tracked hyperparameters.


  • Full Research context at hand

  • Search runs by date, experiment, hash, tag or parameters

  • Search by run/experiment

Metrics explorer

Metrics explorer helps you to compare 100s of metrics within a few clicks. It helps to save lots of time compared to other open-source experiment tracking tools.


  • Easily query any metric

  • Group by any parameter

  • Divide into subplots

  • Aggregate grouped metrics (by conf. interval, std. dev., std. err., min/max)

  • Apply smoothing

  • Change scale of the axes (linear or log)

  • Align metrics by time, epoch or another metric

Images explorer

Track intermediate images and search, compare them on the Images Explorer.


  • Easily query any image

  • Group by images by run parameters

  • Group images by step

Params explorer

Params explorer enables a parallel coordinates view for metrics and params. Very helpful when doing hyperparameter search.


  • Easily query any metrics and params

  • Group runs or divide into subplots

  • Apply chart indicator to see correlations

Single run page

Explore all the metadata associated with a run on the single run page. It’s accessible from all the tables and tooltips.


  • See all the logged params of a run

  • See all the tracked metrics(including system metrics)