3.17.2 Mar 28, 2023

  • Fix explorer crashing issue caused by adding a displayName property in Grouping component (KaroMourad)

3.17.1 Mar 24, 2023

  • Avoid explorer crashing when accessing empty chart values (KaroMourad)

3.17.0 Mar 24, 2023

3.17.0 Mar 24, 2023 - Enhancements

  • Expose run_name and run_hash parameters to the aim.sdk.adapters.pytorch_lightning.AimLogger adapter (constd)

  • Add navigation link to Experiment page from the Run page (roubkar)

  • Add navigation to explorers from the Run page (roubkar)

  • Implement Metrics Explorer v2 via Base Explorer (KaroMourad)

  • Add Text Explorer to filter and compare text (roubkar)

  • Add groundwork for the UI kit v2 for improved usability (arsengit)

3.17.0 Mar 24, 2023 - Fixes

  • Add support for Path type to the repo attribute of the Run class (emekaokoli19)

  • Add support for jax>0.4.0 (n-gao)

  • Add -y option to Aim CLI commands (emekaokoli19)

  • Fix issue with toggling lines visibility during live update (roubkar)

  • Fix the issue when HF model doesn’t have num_labels attribute (mihran113)

  • Fix table cell scrolling issue in the Texts tab of the Run page (roubkar)

3.16.2 Mar 3, 2023

  • Add exception-free mode to Aim (alberttorosyan)

  • Expose capture_terminal_logs argument for aim.sdk.adapters classes (mihran113)

  • Handle inconsistency between Sequence data and metadata (alberttorosyan)

3.16.1 Feb 27, 2023

  • Pin package version alembic>=1.5.0 (justinvyu)

  • Fix segment flush() issue with no internet access (alberttorosyan)

  • Fix the issue with an empty-illustrations styles on Base explorers (KaroMourad)

  • Add ‘join community’ popup to the sidebar (KaroMourad)

  • Use non-strict mode when logging HF model metadata (alberttorosyan)

  • Add set() method implementation in ProxyTree/SubtreeView classes (alberttorosyan)

3.16.0 Feb 3, 2023

3.16.0 Feb 3, 2023 - Enhancements

  • Drop support for python3.6 (mihran113)

  • Add support for python3.11 (alberttorosyan)

  • Add other x-axis alignment and system logs tracking to cli convert wandb (hjoonjang)

  • Add support for pre-binned distribution/histogram (YodaEmbedding)

  • Display logged run messages in Run page (VkoHov, alberttorosyan, roubkar)

  • Use read-only mode when opening container for indexing (alberttorosyan)

  • Add Stable-Baselines3 integration (tmynn)

  • Add Acme integration (tmynn)

  • Add huggingface/datasets integration (tmynn)

  • Enable support for protobuf v4 (mihran113)

  • Support events signaling for Remote Tracking server (alberttorosyan)

  • Enhance DVC parameters tracking (tmynn)

  • Add SDK events tracking (alberttorosyan)

  • Add the ability to easily copy run hash with a single click (VkoHov)

  • Add Prophet integration (grigoryan-davit)

  • Add ‘Dataset’ type support for hf/datasets (tmynn)

  • Add HuggingFace Transformers model info (tmynn)

  • Add multidataset logging support for HuggingFace transformers (tmynn)

3.16.0 Feb 3, 2023 - Fixes

  • Fix gpu stats logging when some stats are unavailable (timokau)

  • Sub-path support for RTS addresses (mihran113)

  • Fix experiment name update issues (mihran113)

  • Fix run experiment setting race conditions (mihran113)

  • Fix the issue with runs not appearing on UI (mihran113)

3.15.2 Dec 23, 2022

  • Change logging level for reporter debug messages (alberttorosyan)

  • Fix styling issues on the experiment page (KaroMourad)

  • Fix client side worker port calculation for RTS (mihran113)

  • Add discord community link in the sidebar (arsengit)

  • Display experiments descriptions in the explorers tables (arsengit)

3.15.1 Dec 1, 2022

  • Fix issue with index container lock for older repos (mihran113)

  • Fix issue with rendering incorrect empty-illustration content in Audios explorer (KaroMourad)

3.15.0 Nov 26, 2022

3.15.0 Nov 26, 2022 - Enhancements:

  • Implement Aim callbacks system and extended notifications (alberttorosyan)

  • Add chart legends to the Metrics Explorer (KaroMourad)

  • Implement vertically scalable version of Remote Tracking (mihran113, alberttorosyan)

  • Add the ability to search, filter, and compare audio through Audios Explorer (VkoHov)

  • Add epoch tracking for PyTorch Lightning (tmynn)

  • Add PaddlePaddle integration (tmynn)

  • Add Optuna integration (tmynn)

  • Use packaging to parse version strings (jangop)

  • Implement the experiment page for the overall experiment info view (VkoHov)

  • Implement dynamic flushing mechanism for CheckIns based on the flag (mahnerak)

  • Implement robust locking and indexing mechanism for Aim Runs (alberttorosyan)

3.15.0 Nov 26, 2022 - Fixes:

  • Fix multiple progress bars handling for terminal logs capturing (mihran113)

  • Handle resources when multiple Ctrl-Cs are pressed (alberttorosyan)

  • Remove non unicode symbols from aim up command logs (mihran113)

  • Fix “Show Table Diff” for list type elements in runs, params and scatters explorers (kumarshreshtha)

  • Support non-Latin chars for encoding in Aim UI (roubkar)

  • Make new CheckIns always override the expiry date, consistent to what is documented (mahnerak)

3.14.4 Nov 11, 2022

  • Fix dropdowns’ selected options losses in time of searching other options in Figures Explorer (rubenaprikyan)

  • Fix the group property name visibility in the images and audio tabs (VkoHov)

  • Change the color contrast of the icons in the manage columns popover (VkoHov)

  • Add notifier config files to aim package (alberttorosyan)

  • Fix audios to numpy conversion (mihran113)

3.14.3 Oct 29, 2022

  • Fix search for empty queries in explorers (KaroMourad)

3.14.2 Oct 28, 2022

  • Add support to sync explorer state through url on Base and Figures Explorers (rubenaprikyan)

  • Add support to highlight syntax error in Figures Explorer (KaroMourad)

  • Fix issue with applying solid stroke styles on stroke badge in table (KaroMourad)

  • Fix active runs indicators overlapping issue in LineChart (KaroMourad)

  • Add support for text style formatting in the logs tab (VkoHov)

  • Fix “TypeError: check() keywords must be strings” for Run.metrics() method (alberttorosyan)

  • Fix run info API call error when tag color/description is None (alberttorosyan)

  • Fix remote heartbeat resource cleanup (mihran113)

3.14.1 Oct 7, 2022

  • Fix the current release duplication highlighting issue on the Dashboard page (arsengit)

3.14.0 Oct 6, 2022

3.14.0 Oct 6, 2022 - Enhancements:

  • Move aim reindex command under aim storage group (mihran113)

  • Add the ability to attach/remove tags on the Run Page (roubkar)

  • Support dictionary as an argument of Run.track (alberttorosyan)

  • Display the tags of the run in the tables of the explorers (VkoHov)

  • Revamp Figures explorer controls and grouping sections for better onboarding and usability (VkoHov, KaroMourad)

  • Replace the spinner loader with a lighter one (VkoHov)

  • Add integration (tmynn)

  • Add command for dangling params cleanup (mihran113)

  • Add top and bottom appearance modes to the chart popover (VkoHov)

  • Deprecate Python 3.6 (alberttorosyan)

  • Add MXNet integration (tmynn)

  • Create a Dashboard page to provide a better onboarding experience (arsengit, roubkar, KaroMourad, mihran113)

  • Add support for tracking jax device arrays (mihran113)

3.14.0 Oct 6, 2022 - Fixes:

  • Fix chart hovering issue occurring when “nan” values are tracked (KaroMourad)

  • Use empty dict as default when getting Run params (alberttorosyan)

  • Change unit-tests data isolation mechanism (alberttorosyan)

  • Adjust the visibility of the run color in tables (VkoHov)

  • Fix response headers for remote tracking server (mihran113)

  • Fix TypeErrors in single run page (mihran113)

3.13.4 Sep 25, 2022

  • Add the ability to disable smoothing explicitly (KaroMourad)

  • Virtualize the run params list in the Run page (roubkar)

3.13.3 Sep 16, 2022

  • Fix request cancellation on Logs tab (mihran113)

  • Fix the data live update handling in the Logs tab (VkoHov)

3.13.2 Sep 10, 2022

  • Fix content overlapping issue of x-axis alignment dropdown (KaroMourad)

  • Fix the regression line rendering issue on Scatter plot exported image (KaroMourad)

3.13.1 Sep 1, 2022

  • Add support for querying metrics by last value (mihran113)

  • Fix aim reindex command failure (alberttorosyan)

  • Fix issue with remote runs re-open (mihran113)

  • Deprecate custom set Run.hash values (alberttorosyan)

  • Tune mlflow converter run properties (tmynn)

  • Fix AimLogger deprecation issues related to release of PyTorch Lightning v1.7 (djwessel)

3.13.0 Aug 21, 2022

3.13.0 Aug 21, 2022 - Enhancements:

  • Add Figures Explorer to visualize and compare plotly figures (rubenaprikyan, KaroMourad, arsengit, VkoHov, roubkar)

  • Add Base Explorer as core of all explorers (rubenaprikyan, KaroMourad, arsengit, VkoHov, roubkar)

  • Add logging for remote resource cleanup and network stability (mihran113)

  • Restrict Run.hash to auto-generated values only (alberttorosyan)

  • Add ability to compare selected runs from the table (arsengit)

  • Notify users about failed/stalled runs (mahnerak, alberttorosyan)

  • Add ability to pin metrics in Run Page (mihran113, roubkar)

  • Add step for unit tests for nightly releases workflow (mihran113)

  • Add Keras-Tuner integration (tmynn)

  • Add Weights & Biases to Aim log converter (tmynn)

3.13.0 Aug 21, 2022 - Fixes:

  • Fix chart exporting issue (KaroMourad)

  • Fix aim ui rendering issue on notebooks (rubenaprikyan)

  • Fix live update retry to show live data after solving connection problems with the server (rubenaprikyan)

  • Fix tensorboard convert while converting tensor (sharathmk99)

  • Fix incorrect column keys of metrics in the table grid of the runs dashboard (VkoHov)

  • Fix git info collection (mihran113)

  • Fix code block content and query copying functionality (arsengit)

  • Provide compatibility between plotly and matplotlib (tmynn)

  • Warn to use aim.Image if aim.Figure fails (tmynn)

3.12.2 Aug 5, 2022

  • Fix formatting of empty metric contexts (VkoHov)

  • Apply lazy loading on metrics in Run Page (roubkar)

3.12.1 Aug 2, 2022

  • Loosen version requirements for grpcio (alberttorosyan)

  • Fix remote heartbeat-watcher resource cleanup (mihran113)

  • Break long metric names into multiple lines in Run Page (roubkar)

  • Enable run filtering by metric values (mihran113)

  • Fix Cython version to eliminate build errors (mihran113)

3.12.0 Jul 22, 2022

3.12.0 Jul 22, 2022 - Enhancements:

  • Add ability to set axes range manually for line charts on UI (KaroMourad)

  • Add more user-friendly querying for dates (mihran113, arsengit)

  • Filter redundant tooltip data from URL config state (KaroMourad)

  • Improve rendering performance by enhancing table columns virtualization mechanism (roubkar)

  • Increase visibility and usability of the Show table diff button (arsengit)

  • Add support for tensorboard audios conversion (mihran113)

  • Format params keys/paths properly (VkoHov)

  • Mention explicitly run params everywhere params is mentioned (VkoHov)

  • Add ability to hide a batch of items in explorers (VkoHov)

  • Add ability to sort by the last value of the metric in table (VkoHov)

  • Preserve active line even if it is dropped out of the filtered area (VkoHov)

  • Add run duration property for SDK and queries (mihran113)

  • Add client vs server version check for remote tracking server (mihran113)

  • Add Remote tracking client heartbeat (mihran113)

3.12.0 Jul 22, 2022 - Fixes:

  • Tune table sorting icon box overlapping with column box in compact mode (KaroMourad)

  • Fix tensorboard log conversion for images (mihran113)

  • Check if gradient is None when tracking gradient distributions (kage08)

  • Fix displaying non-syntax errors across Aim UI (arsengit)

  • Fix queries on remote repos (mihran113)

  • Fix interval progress reports for query apis (mihran113)

  • Fix query request cancellation errors (mihran113)

  • Auto-detect and address inconsistencies in meta and series trees (mahnerak)

3.11.2 Jul 8, 2022

3.11.2 Jul 8, 2022 - Enhancements:

  • Display the error position when getting syntax errors after searching (arsengit)

3.11.2 Jul 8, 2022 - Fixes:

  • Avoid saving crashed or terminated search requests as the last state on explorers (arsengit)

  • Remove the progress bar blinking when searching runs in Runs Explorer (KaroMourad)

  • Fix the “matched runs” sentence color style in progress bars (KaroMourad)

  • Fix SyntaxError handling for python3.10+ (mihran113)

  • Fix generic Exceptions handling and adjust HTTPException handling (alberttorosyan)

3.11.1 Jun 27, 2022

  • Replace base58 encoder with base64 (KaroMourad, VkoHov)

  • Fix Notes tab loading issue (arsengit)

  • Fix the loading logic of the monaco editor across the Aim Ui (arsengit)

  • Fix Table export functionality in Params and Scatters explorers (arsengit)

  • Allow mixing numeric types on a single Sequence (alberttorosyan)

3.11.0 Jun 21, 2022

3.11.0 Jun 21, 2022 - Enhancements:

  • Add --uds option for aim up command (mihran113)

  • Add progress reporting for search APIs and tqdm progress for SDK queries (mihran113)

  • Add all the attributes of runs in the grouping popovers (KaroMourad)

  • Display progress bar on Explorer pages when searching metadata (KaroMourad)

  • Improve the processing speed for tb to aim converter (osoblanco)

  • Adjust charts hover attributes position calculation and styles (KaroMourad)

  • Improve formatting of numbers by setting maximum precision (KaroMourad)

  • Add cloud storage backups to AWS S3 for aim repo runs (karan2801)

  • Add LightGBM integration example (gorarakelyan)

  • Add descriptive document titles for pages (KaroMourad)

  • Implement unit-tests for aim SDK utils (yeghiakoronian)

  • Display aggregated values in the table (VkoHov)

  • Add active state indicator property for aim.Run (mihran113)

  • Add active state indicators on the chart (VkoHov)

  • Add ability to edit run name and description of run (VkoHov)

  • Show the description in the sidebar of the run overview tab (VkoHov)

  • Add all the attributes of run in the tooltip (VkoHov)

  • Optimize the initial render time of Aim UI by using more lightweight font-family (arsengit)

  • Use monaco editor as the syntax highlighter across the Aim UI (arsengit)

  • Add loader to the top of the logs box in the run page (VkoHov)

  • Add the date and the duration of run in the header of the single run page (VkoHov)

  • Add the name, status and duration of run in the runs table of the tags page (VkoHov)

  • Fit long name values in manage columns popover (arsengit)

  • Add caching mechanism for sequence queries to optimize query performance (mihran113)

  • Use step random hash as a key for metric sequences (alberttorosyan)

3.11.0 Jun 21, 2022 - Fixes:

  • Fix issue with tensorboard to aim conversion (osoblanco)

  • Fix reset zoom history on alignment type change (KaroMourad)

  • Fix issue with rendering incorrect data when x-axis aligned by relative time/epoch (KaroMourad)

  • Fix LineCart axis ticks overlapping issue on log scale (KaroMourad)

  • Change zooming default option to multiple (VkoHov)

  • Change grouped rows’ min and max values names to Group Min and Group Max (VkoHov)

  • Preserve the search input value of the grouping dropdown (VkoHov)

  • Change the titles and placeholders in popovers (VkoHov)

  • Resolve typing latency issue in the query search input (arsengit)

  • Reorder and add non-hideable table columns (arsengit)

  • Change the font of the runs navigation popover (VkoHov)

  • Keep color persistence state after page reload (VkoHov)

  • Resolve content blinking issue after search in the run page (arsengit)

  • Fix scroll to bottom on live-update in logs tab (VkoHov)

  • Fix timezone issues for activity map (mihran113)

  • Fix aim up command output when --port 0 is passed (mihran113)

3.10.3 May 31, 2022

  • Adjust the content overflowing of the Delete and the Archive modals (VkoHov)

  • Resolve issue with redirect in run page (arsengit)

3.10.2 May 26, 2022

  • Adjust SRP Logs row height calculation (VkoHov)

  • Fix issue with live update requests scheduler (rubenaprikyan)

  • Fix log capturing crash during run garbage collection (mihran113)

  • Fix Pytorch Lightning adapter finalize method (mihran113)

  • Fix params duplication in dropdowns (VkoHov)

  • Skip system params in Explorer pages (alberttorosyan)

3.10.1 May 18, 2022

  • Resolve issue with rendering run params in the overview tab of SRP (arsengit)

  • Fix issue with search query state update (arsengit)

3.10.0 May 17, 2022

3.10.0 May 17, 2022 - Enhancements:

  • Add ability to adjust the density of the visible content in tables (roubkar)

  • Set as default option for grouping (roubkar)

  • Show user-selected params before group config in chart popover (roubkar)

  • Optimize stream decoding performance on UI (mahnerak)

  • Add support for animated image formats to Aim Image object (devfox-se)

  • Add AimLogger for Catboost (devfox-se)

  • Add AimCallback for LightGBM (devfox-se)

  • Keep the extents of HighPlot axes brush in the state and the URL (VkoHov)

  • Integrate aim with cimport-able aimrocks (mahnerak)

  • Add __slots__ to some classes to improve performance (mahnerak)

  • Define base abstractions for Iterator and DB by borrowing from aimrocks (mahnerak)

  • Use KeysIterator and ValuesIterator wrappers instead of reimplementing (mahnerak)

  • Rename PrefixView.container to PrefixView.parent (mahnerak)

  • Reimplement absolute_path (mahnerak)

  • Cython bindings for PrefixView, TreeView, Container, ArrayView (mahnerak)

  • Add ability to track and visualize stdout/stderr (mihran113, VkoHov)

  • Fix AimLogger deprecation issues related to release of PyTorch Lightning v1.5 (arnauddhaene)

  • Enable better autocomplete experience with monaco editor (arsengit)

  • Pre-loading and caching necessary resources, add pre-loader animation to Aim UI (arsengit)

3.10.0 May 17, 2022 - Fixes:

  • Remove hard-coded installation of pre-requirements (mahnerak)

  • Remove duplicate code from TreeView and Container methods (mahnerak)

  • Fix issue with filtering metrics values in single run page (KaroMourad)

3.9.4 May 12, 2022

  • Fix run remote tracking queue cleanup (mihran113)

  • Fix HF callback before training access (mihran113)

  • Fix compatibility with Jinja 3.1 (devfox-se)

3.9.3 May 10, 2022

  • Fix affecting stroke types after changing color persistence (KaroMourad)

3.9.2 Apr 29, 2022

  • Move aim_ui package data to separate directory (devfox-se)

3.9.1 Apr 29, 2022

  • Move aim_ui package data to separate directory (devfox-se)

3.9.0 Apr 29, 2022

3.9.0 Apr 29, 2022 - Enhancements:

  • Add Notes Tab to single run page (arsengit)

  • Add the run name to the batch delete and the batch archive modals (VkoHov)

  • Increase the scalability of rendering lines in charts (KaroMourad)

  • Increase live update requests delay to prevent performance issues (rubenaprikyan)

  • Change font-family to monospace in the Table component (arsengit)

  • Add info massage for single value sliders (VkoHov)

  • Add --log-level argument for aim up/server commands (mihran113)

  • Add notes backend api interface (devfox-se)

  • Fix type hints in Repo class (uduse)

3.9.0 Apr 29, 2022 - Fixes:

  • Fix LineChart y-dimension margin calculation (KaroMourad)

  • Fix HighPlot lines partially rendering issue (KaroMourad)

  • Fix HighPlot axis ticks overlapping issue (KaroMourad)

  • Fix sorting Params/Scatters explorer axis ticks (KaroMourad)

  • Fix compatibility with pytorch-lightning v1.6.0 (mihran113)

  • Fix the image’s original size cropping (VkoHov)

  • Fix PATH related issues for alembic and uvicorn (mihran113)

  • Fix queries for custom object APIs (mihran113)

  • Fix chart height updating when resize mode changed (VkoHov)

  • Fix HuggingFace callback context capturing (mihran113)

  • Fix Params/Scatters explorers’ row hiding functionality (VkoHov)

  • Fix Profiler logs are saved outside repo directory (devfox-se)

3.8.1 Apr 6, 2022

  • Encode run hash before including in CSS selectors (Hamik25)

  • Fix displaying incorrect metric values for large range scale in LineChart (KaroMourad)

  • Fix issue with rendering lines for large range scale in LineChart (KaroMourad)

  • Fix issue with URL state sync for bookmarks (roubkar)

  • Fix issue with displaying negative param values on Aim UI (roubkar)

  • Fix row hiding functionality (roubkar)

  • Tune RunOverviewTab container styles (arsengit)

  • Update documentations links on UI (rubenaprikyan)

  • Fix RepoIndexManager run’s reference cleanup (mihran113)

  • Fix remote run finalization (mihran113)

  • Fix issue with fetch on load more (infinite scroll) functionality in Runs Explorer (rubenaprikyan)

3.8.0 Mar 26, 2022

3.8.0 Mar 26, 2022 - Enhancements:

  • Hugging Face adapter refactoring (mihran113)

  • Add run description columns to all run specific tables (VkoHov, mihran113)

  • Change images rendering optimization default value to smoother (VkoHov)

  • Set default steps ordering to desc in single run tabs (VkoHov, devfox-se)

  • Add run name to grouping, ordering and run navigation popovers (VkoHov)

  • Add ability to apply color scale on columns with numeric values (VkoHov)

  • Refactored XGBoost AimCallback (devfox-se)

  • Reopenable callbacks for integrations (mihran113)

  • Add DVC integration (devfox-se)

  • Add API profiler and unified API error response (devfox-se)

  • Add API to retrieve N’th step of sequence (devfox-se)

3.8.0 Mar 26, 2022 - Fixes:

  • Fix issue with calculation of active point on mouse hover in the LineChart (KaroMourad)

  • Fix issue with wrong URL caching for Explorer pages (roubkar)

  • Fix issue with focusing on the chart active point while moving the cursor (KaroMourad)

  • Fix the image full view toggle icon visibility if the image has a white background (VkoHov)

  • Fix scroll to the end of the audio tab (VkoHov)

  • Add scrollbar to image full view mode content (VkoHov)

  • Fix issues with run name/description not being set (mihran113)

  • Fix issue with run single page tabs result caching (mihran113)

  • Fix git system param tracking (devfox-se)

  • Fix runs manual closing (mihran113)

  • Fix Docker image creation step in packaging workflow (alberttorosyan)

  • Fix Jinja2 template rendering with starlette==0.14.2 (alberttorosyan)

3.7.5 Mar 18, 2022

  • Add request aborting functionality in single run page tabs (arsengit)

  • Render plotly figures properly in single run page (arsengit)

3.7.4 Mar 15, 2022

  • Fix density min and max validation calculation (VkoHov)

3.7.3 Mar 14, 2022

  • Add missing names for dynamically imported files in single run page (arsengit)

3.7.2 Mar 10, 2022

  • Fix issue with rendering UI re keeping long URL (KaroMourad)

  • Split code in the single run page to optimize chunk size (arsengit)

3.7.1 Mar 10, 2022

  • Fix metric queries with epoch=None (alberttorosyan)

3.7.0 Mar 9, 2022

3.7.0 Mar 9, 2022 - Enhancements:

  • Add Run overview tab in run single page (arsengit, VkoHov, KaroMourad, rubenaprikyan)

  • Custom max message size for Aim Remote tracking (alberttorosyan)

  • Docker images for aim up/server (alberttorosyan)

  • TF/Keras adapters refactoring (mihran113)

  • Remote tracking client-side retry logic (aramaim)

  • Add record_density to initial get-batch request for figures (VkoHov)

3.7.0 Mar 9, 2022 - Fixes:

  • Fix rendering new lines in texts visualizer (arsengit)

3.6.3 Mar 4, 2022

  • Fix UI rendering issue on colab (rubenaprikyan)

3.6.2 Mar 2, 2022

  • Fix chart interactions issue in the Single Run Page Metrics tab (roubkar)

  • Fix resolve_objects in remote tracking client subtree (alberttorosyan)

  • Reject 0 as step/record count (alberttorosyan, VkoHov)

  • Fix error on mlflow conversion by experiment id (devfox-se)

3.6.1 Feb 25, 2022

  • Fix issue with aligning x-axis by custom metric (KaroMourad)

  • Add __AIM_PROXY_URL__ env variable to see full proxy url when running aim up command(rubenaprikyan)

  • Add --proxy-url argument to notebook extension’s %aim up to render UI correctly if there is a proxy server (rubenaprikyan)

  • Add SageMaker integration, jupyter-server-proxy s bug-fix script (rubenaprikyan, mahnerak)

  • Fix animation support in Plotly visualization and figure loading performance (Hamik25, mihran113)

  • Display None values in group config column (VkoHov, Hamik25)

  • Fix rendering issue on Select form search suggestions list (arsengit)

  • Fix PL.AimLogger save_dir AttributeError (GeeeekExplorer)

  • Remove __example_type__ substring from param name (VkoHov)

3.6.0 Feb 22 2022

3.6.0 Feb 22 2022 - Enhancements:

  • Sort params columns in alphabetical order (arsengit)

  • Add illustrations for indicating explorer search states (arsengit)

  • Ability to export chart as image (KaroMourad)

  • Ability to group by metric.context (VkoHov)

  • Tune manage columns items highlighting styles (VkoHov)

  • Set active style on table actions popover buttons with applied changes (arsengit)

  • Unification of Run Custom Object APIs (alberttorosyan, VkoHov)

  • Aim repo runs data automatic indexing (alberttorosyan)

  • Pytorch Lightning adapter refactoring (mihran113)

  • Add Pytorch Ignite integration (mihran113)

  • Add wildcard support for aim runs subcommands (mihran113)

  • Add MLflow logs conversion command (devfox-se)

  • Add CustomObject implementation for hub.dataset (alberttorosyan)

3.6.0 Feb 22 2022 - Fixes:

  • Fix live updated data loss after triggering endless scroll (VkoHov)

  • Fix system metric columns pinning functionality and grouping column order (arsengit)

  • Fix system metrics search in manage columns popover (VkoHov)

  • Fix queries on remote repos (mihran113)

  • Fix incorrect boolean value formatting (VkoHov)

3.5.4 Feb 15 2022

  • Fix batch archive functionality (VkoHov)

  • Add repo lock/release feature (devfox-se)

3.5.3 Feb 11 2022

  • Fix rendering issue in runs explorer page (arsengit)

3.5.2 Feb 10 2022

  • Fix issue with displaying current day activity cell on week’s first day (rubenaprikyan)

  • Fix issue with filtering options while typing in input of autocomplete in Tooltip and Grouping popovers (rubenaprikyan)

3.5.1 Feb 4 2022

  • Fix folder creation when tracking with remote tracker (aramaim)

3.5.0 Feb 3 2022

3.5.0 Feb 3 2022 - Enhancements:

  • Ability to hide system metrics from table (arsengit)

  • Add input validations to range selectors (Hamik25)

  • Improve media panel rendering performance on hovering over images (KaroMourad)

  • Add ability to parse and import TensorFlow events into aim (devfox-se)

  • Add system parameter logging: CLI, Env, Executable, Git, Installed packages (devfox-se)

  • Convert nested non-native objects (e.g. OmegaConf config instance) upon storing (devfox-se)

  • Add cli subcommands cp and mv for aim runs command (mihran113)

  • Add handler for matplotlib figures in Image and Figure custom objects (devfox-se)

  • Improve highlighting of table focused/hovered/selected row (VkoHov)

3.5.0 Feb 3 2022 - Fixes:

  • Fix stalled runs deletion (mihran113)

  • Fix background transparency in colab when using dark mode of system (rubenaprikyan)

  • Fix Grouping and Tooltip popovers states’ resetting issue when live-update is on (rubenaprikyan)

  • Fix table column’s sort functionality issue in Params and Scatters Explorers (rubenaprikyan)

3.4.1 Jan 23 2022

  • Fix issue with displaying experiment name in Images Explorer table (VkoHov)

3.4.0 Jan 22 2022

  • Add ability to apply group stacking on media elements list (KaroMourad)

  • Add ability to apply sorting by run creation_time on table rows (roubkar)

  • Add ability to filter texts table with keyword matching (roubkar, rubenaprikyan)

  • Add ability to delete run from settings tab (Hamik25)

  • Enhance controls states of explorer pages (arsengit)

  • Add –repo, –host arguments support for notebook extension (VkoHov, rubenaprikyan)

  • Add trendline options to ScatterPlot (roubkar)

  • Add ability to display images in original size and align by width (arsengit)

  • Add version, docs and slack links to sidebar (arsengit)

  • Enhance AudioPlayer component (arsengit)

  • Recover active tab in run details page after reload (roubkar)

  • Add ability to archive or delete runs with batches (VkoHov)

  • Remote tracking server [experimental] (alberttorosyan, mihran113, aramaim)

  • Add ability to change media elements order (VkoHov)

  • Add ability to hard delete runs (alberttorosyan)

  • Lossy format support for aim.Image (devfox-se)

  • Timezone issues fix for creation and end times (mihran113)

3.3.5 Jan 14 2022

  • Add non-strict write mode to replace not-yet-supported types with their string representations. (mahnerak)

  • Log pytorch_lightning hyperparameters in non-strict mode. (mahnerak)

3.3.4 Jan 10 2022

  • Fix issue with WAL files flushing (alberttorosyan)

  • Support for omegaconf configs in pytorch_lightning adapter (devfox-se)

3.3.3 Dec 24 2021

  • Fix issue with showing range panel in Images Explorer (roubkar)

3.3.2 Dec 20 2021

  • Fix issue with not providing point density value to live-update query (rubenaprikyan)

3.3.1 Dec 18 2021

  • Fix getValue function to show correct chart title data (KaroMourad)

3.3.0 Dec 17 2021

  • Add ability to track and explore audios in run detail page (arsengit, VkoHov, devfox-se)

  • Add ability to track and visualize texts (mihran113, roubkar)

  • Fix boolean values encoding (mahnerak)

  • Add Scatter Explorer to visualize correlations between metric last value and hyperparameter (KaroMourad)

  • Add ability to track and visualize plotly objects (devfox-se, Hamik25, rubenaprikyan)

  • Add ability to query distributions by step range and density (VkoHov, rubenaprikyan)

  • Add colab notebook support (mihran113, rubenaprikyan)

  • Implement images visualization tab in run detail page (VkoHov, KaroMourad)

  • Add custom URL prefix support (mihran113, Hamik25, roubkar)

  • Enhance metric selection dropdowns to see lists in alphabetical order (rubenaprikyan)

3.2.2 Dec 10 2021

  • Fix Run finalization index timeout issue (alberttorosyan)

3.2.1 Dec 8 2021

  • Add ability to provide custom base path for API (mihran113, roubkar)

  • Fix table groups column default order (arsengit)

  • Fix table panel height issue in runs explorer page (arsengit)

3.2.0 Dec 3 2021

  • Add ability to cancel pending request (roubkar, arsengit)

  • Add support for secure protocol for API calls (mihran113, roubkar)

  • Implement image full size view (VkoHov)

  • Add ability to manipulate with image size and rendering type (arsengit)

  • Enhance Table column for selected grouping config options (arsengit)

  • Implement suggestions list for AimQL search (arsengit, rubenaprikyan)

  • Add ability to track and visualize distributions (mihran113, rubenaprikyan)

  • Add notebook extension, magic functions (rubenaprikyan)

3.1.1 Nov 25 2021

  • Apply default ordering on images set (VkoHov)

  • Ability to show image data in a tooltip on hover (KaroMourad)

  • Support of Image input additional data sources (alberttorosyan)

  • Ability to export run props as pandas dataframe (gorarakelyan)

  • Slice image sequence by index for the given steps range (alberttorosyan)

  • Improve Images Explorer rendering performance through better images list virtualization (roubkar)

3.1.0 Nov 20 2021

  • Add ability to explore tracked images (VkoHov)

  • Improve rendering performance by virtualizing table columns (roubkar)

  • Add ability to apply grouping by higher level param key (roubkar)

  • Add ability to specify repository path during aim init via --repo argument (rubenaprikyan)

3.0.7 Nov 17 2021

  • Fix for missing metrics when numpy.float64 values tracked (alberttorosyan)

3.0.6 Nov 9 2021

  • Fix for blocking container optimization for in progress runs (alberttorosyan)

3.0.5 Nov 9 2021

  • Add tqdm package in required section (mihran113)

3.0.4 Nov 8 2021

  • Switch to aimrocks 0.0.10 - exposes data flushing interface (mihran113)

  • Optimize stored data when runs finalized (mihran113)

  • Update aim reindex command to run storage optimizations (alberttorosyan)

  • Storage partial optimizations on metric/run queries (alberttorosyan)

3.0.3 Nov 4 2021

  • Bump sqlalchemy version to 1.4.1 (alberttorosyan)

3.0.2 Oct 27 2021

  • Switch to aimrocks 0.0.9 - built on rocksdb 6.25.3 (alberttorosyan)

  • Remove grouping select options from Params app config (VkoHov)

  • Sort metrics data in ascending order for X-axis (KaroMourad)

3.0.1 Oct 22 2021

  • Check telemetry_enabled option on segment initialization (VkoHov)

  • Draw LineChart Y-axis (horizontal) tick lines on zooming (KaroMourad)

  • Sort select options/params based on input value (roubkar)

  • Fix query construction issue for multiple context items (roubkar)

  • Fix issue with making API call from Web Worker (VkoHov)

3.0.0 Oct 21 2021

  • Completely revamped UI:

    • Runs, metrics and params explorers

    • Bookmarks, Tags, Homepage

    • New UI works smooth with ~500 metrics displayed at the same time with full Aim table interactions

  • Completely revamped storage:

    • 10x faster embedded storage based on Rocksdb

    • Average run query execution time on ~2000 runs: 0.784s

    • Average metrics query execution time on ~2000 runs with 6000 metrics: 1.552s

2.7.1 Jun 30 2021

  • Fix bookmark navigation issue (roubkar)

  • Empty metric select on X-axis alignment property change (roubkar)

2.7.0 Jun 23 2021

  • Add ability to export table data as CSV (KaroMourad)

  • Add ability to bookmark explore screen state (roubkar)

  • Add dashboards and apps API (mihran113)

2.6.0 Jun 12 2021

  • Resolve namedtuple python 3.5 incompatibility (gorarakelyan)

  • Add ability to align X-axis by a metric (mihran113, roubkar)

  • Add tooltip popover for the chart hover state (roubkar)

2.5.0 May 27 2021

  • Set gunicorn timeouts (mihran113)

  • Remove redundant deserialize method (gorarakelyan)

  • Move the Flask server to main repo to support ‘docker’less UI (mihran113)

2.4.0 May 13 2021

  • Bump up Aim UI to v1.6.0 (gorarakelyan)

  • Add xgboost integration (khazhak)

  • Update keras adapter interface (khazhak)

  • Convert tensors to python numbers (gorarakelyan)

2.3.0 Apr 10 2021

  • Bump up Aim UI to v1.5.0 (gorarakelyan)

  • Set default interval of sys tracking to 10 seconds (gorarakelyan)

  • Add ability to track system metrics (gorarakelyan)

2.2.1 Mar 31 2021

  • Bump up Aim UI to v1.4.1 (gorarakelyan)

2.2.0 Mar 24 2021

  • Bump up Aim UI to v1.4.0 (gorarakelyan)

  • Add Hugging Face integration (Khazhak)

  • Reorganize documentation (Tatevv)

2.1.6 Feb 26 2021

  • Add ability to opt out telemetry (gorarakelyan)

  • Remove experiment name from config file when calling repo.remove_branch method (gorarakelyan)

2.1.5 Jan 7 2021

  • Handle NaN or infinite floats passed to artifacts (gorarakelyan)

2.1.4 Dec 2 2020

  • Add ability to specify session run hash (gorarakelyan)

  • Initialize repo if it was empty when opening session (gorarakelyan)

  • Add validation of map artifact parameters (gorarakelyan)

2.1.3 Nov 24 2020

  • Support comparison of list type contexts (gorarakelyan)

2.1.2 Nov 24 2020

  • Fix empty contexts comparison issue (gorarakelyan)

2.1.1 Nov 22 2020

  • Return only selected params in SelectResult (gorarakelyan)

2.1.0 Nov 19 2020

  • Add AimRepo select method (gorarakelyan)

  • Implement SelectResult class (gorarakelyan)

2.0.27 Nov 13 2020

  • Fix issue with artifact step initializer (gorarakelyan)

2.0.26 Nov 10 2020

  • Add block_termination argument to aim.Session (gorarakelyan)

  • Convert infinity parameter to string in artifacts (gorarakelyan)

2.0.25 Nov 9 2020

  • Reconstruct run metadata file when running close command (gorarakelyan)

2.0.24 Nov 8 2020

  • Add SIGTERM signal handler (gorarakelyan)

  • Run track function in a parallel thread (gorarakelyan)

  • Add SDK session flush method (gorarakelyan)

  • Flush aggregated metrics at a given frequency (gorarakelyan)

  • Update run metadata file only on artifacts update (gorarakelyan)

2.0.23 Nov 5 2020

  • Make experiment name argument required in SDK close command (gorarakelyan)

2.0.22 Nov 5 2020

  • Add SDK close method to close dangling experiments (gorarakelyan)

2.0.21 Nov 1 2020

  • Resolve compatibility issues with python 3.5.0 (gorarakelyan)

2.0.20 Oct 26 2020

  • Enable pypi aim package name (gorarakelyan)

2.0.19 Oct 25 2020

  • Add PyTorch Lightning logger (gorarakelyan)

  • Add TensorFlow v1 and v2 keras callbacks support (gorarakelyan)

2.0.18 Oct 7 2020

  • Add ability to run Aim UI in detached mode (gorarakelyan)

  • Add ability to specify repo path when running Aim UI (gorarakelyan)

2.0.17 Oct 5 2020

  • Rename AimDE to Aim UI (gorarakelyan)

2.0.16 Oct 2 2020

  • Add ability to specify host when running AimDE (gorarakelyan)

  • Disable AimContainerCommandManager (gorarakelyan)

  • Remove aimde command entry point (gorarakelyan)

  • Remove de prefix from development environment management commands (gorarakelyan)

2.0.15 Sep 21 2020

  • Set Map artifact default namespace (gorarakelyan)

2.0.14 Sep 21 2020

  • Set Metric hashable context to None if no kwarg is passed (gorarakelyan)

2.0.13 Sep 21 2020

  • Add ability to query runs by metric value (gorarakelyan)

  • Add ability to query runs via SDK (gorarakelyan)

2.0.12 Sep 12 2020

  • Update Session to handle exceptions gracefully (gorarakelyan)

2.0.11 Sep 11 2020

  • Add alias to keras adapter (gorarakelyan)

2.0.10 Sep 10 2020

  • Show progress bar when pulling AimDE image (gorarakelyan)

2.0.9 Sep 10 2020

  • Add ability to start multiple sessions (gorarakelyan)

  • Add Aim adapter for keras (gorarakelyan)

2.0.8 Aug 26 2020

  • Set SDK to select only unarchived runs by default (gorarakelyan)

  • Add ability to archive/unarchive runs (gorarakelyan)

  • Enable search by run attributes (gorarakelyan)

  • Add is not keyword to AimQL (gorarakelyan)

2.0.7 Aug 21 2020

  • Validate Artifact values before storing (gorarakelyan)

  • Add sessions to SDK (gorarakelyan)

2.0.6 Aug 13 2020

  • Add ability to retrieve metrics and traces from repo (gorarakelyan)

  • Add SDK select method to select runs and artifacts (gorarakelyan)

  • Implement search query language (gorarakelyan)

2.0.5 Jul 18 2020

  • Fix issue with PyPI reStructuredText format compatibility (gorarakelyan)

2.0.4 Jul 18 2020

  • Add ability to attach tf.summary logs to AimDE (gorarakelyan)

2.0.3 Jul 8 2020

  • Pass project path to development environment container (gorarakelyan)

2.0.2 Jul 7 2020

  • Make epoch argument optional for Metric artifact (gorarakelyan)

  • Add ability to automatically commit runs after exit (gorarakelyan)

  • Add aim up shortcut for running development environment (gorarakelyan)

  • Remove first required argument(artifact name) from sdk track function (gorarakelyan)

  • Add general dictionary artifact for tracking key: value parameters (gorarakelyan)

2.0.1 Jun 24 2020

  • Fix inconsistent DE naming (gorarakelyan)

2.0.0 Jun 18 2020

  • Tidy up aim and remove some artifacts (gorarakelyan)

  • Update AimContainerCMD to open connection on custom port (gorarakelyan)

  • Save passed process uuid to commit configs (gorarakelyan)

  • Ability to query processes (gorarakelyan)

  • Execute process and store logs into a commit of specific experiment (gorarakelyan)

  • Kill running process and its children recursively (gorarakelyan)

  • Keep executed processes for monitoring and management (gorarakelyan)

  • Add container command handler to exec commands on the host (gorarakelyan)

  • Refactor Text artifact to store sentences using protobuf and aimrecords (jamesj-jiao)

  • Add ability to pass aim board port as an argument (gorarakelyan)

1.2.17 May 8 2020

  • Add config command (gorarakelyan)

  • Tune artifacts: images, metric_groups, params (gorarakelyan)

1.2.16 Apr 29 2020

  • Add ability to pass numpy array as a segmentation mask (gorarakelyan)

1.2.15 Apr 29 2020

  • Add basic image list tracking (gorarakelyan)

1.2.14 Apr 27 2020

  • Optimize segmentation tracking insight to load faster (gorarakelyan)

1.2.13 Apr 25 2020

  • Remove GitHub security alert (gorarakelyan)

  • Add image semantic segmentation tracking (gorarakelyan)

1.2.12 Apr 20 2020

  • Add missing init file for aim.artifacts.proto (@mike1808)

1.2.11 Apr 16 2020

  • Make epoch property optional for Metric (gorarakelyan)

1.2.10 Apr 16 2020

  • Serialize and store Metric records using protobuf and aimrecords (gorarakelyan)

  • Create RecordWriter factory which handles artifact records saving (gorarakelyan)

  • Extract artifact serialization to ArtifactWriter (mike1808)

1.2.9 Mar 16 2020

  • Alert prerequisites installation message for running board (gorarakelyan)

1.2.8 Mar 15 2020

  • Update profiler interface for keras (gorarakelyan)

1.2.7 Mar 14 2020

  • Add board pull command (gorarakelyan)

  • Change board ports to 43800,1,2 (gorarakelyan)

  • Add ability to profile graph output nodes (gorarakelyan)

  • Remove issue with autograd inside while loop (gorarakelyan)

  • Add aim board development mode (gorarakelyan)

  • Update board name hash algorithm to md5 (gorarakelyan)

  • Add board CLI commands: up, down and upgrade (gorarakelyan)

  • Add ability to tag version as a release candidate (gorarakelyan)

1.2.6 Feb 28 2020

  • Add learning rate update tracking (gorarakelyan)

1.2.5 Feb 25 2020

  • Add autocommit feature to push command: aim push -c [-m <msg>] (gorarakelyan)

  • Add cli status command to list branch uncommitted artifacts (gorarakelyan)

  • Add an ability to aggregate duplicated nodes within a loop (gorarakelyan)

  • Remove gradient break issue when profiling output nodes (gorarakelyan)

1.2.4 Feb 20 2020

  • Enable profiler to track nodes inside loops (gorarakelyan)

  • Ability to disable profiler for evaluation or inference (gorarakelyan)

1.2.3 Feb 13 2020

  • Set minimum required python version to 3.5.2 (gorarakelyan)

1.2.2 Feb 13 2020

  • Downgrade required python version (gorarakelyan)

1.2.1 Feb 13 2020

  • Edit to pass reStructuredText validation on pypi (gorarakelyan)

1.2.0 Feb 13 2020

  • Make aim CLI directly accessible from (gorarakelyan)

  • Add disk space usage tracking (gorarakelyan)

  • Add profiler support for Keras (gorarakelyan)

  • Add TensorFlow graph nodes profiler (gorarakelyan)

  • Add command to run aim live container mounted on aim repo (gorarakelyan)

  • Update profiler to track GPU usage (gorarakelyan)

  • Add machine resource usage profiler (gorarakelyan)

1.1.1 Jan 14 2020

  • Remove aim dependencies such as keras, pytorch and etc (gorarakelyan)

1.1.0 Jan 12 2020

  • Update code diff tracking to be optional (gorarakelyan)

  • Add default False value to aim init function (gorarakelyan)

  • Update aim repo to correctly identify cwd (gorarakelyan)

  • Update push command to commit if msg argument is specified (gorarakelyan)

  • Add ability to initialize repo from within the sdk (gorarakelyan)

1.0.2 Jan 7 2020

  • Remove objects dir from empty .aim branch index (gorarakelyan)

1.0.1 Dec 26 2019

  • Add cil command to print aim current version (gorarakelyan)

1.0.0 Dec 25 2019

  • Add aim version number in commit config file (gorarakelyan)

  • Update push command to send username and check storage availability (gorarakelyan)

  • Add hyper parameters tracking (gorarakelyan)

  • Update push command to print shorter file names when pushing to remote (gorarakelyan)

  • Update tracking artifacts to be saved in log format (gorarakelyan)

  • Add pytorch cuda support to existing sdk artefacts (gorarakelyan)

  • Add cli reset command (gorarakelyan)

  • Add nested module tracking support to aim sdk (gorarakelyan)

  • Add code difference tracking to aim sdk (gorarakelyan)

  • Update aim push command to send commits (gorarakelyan)

  • Add commit structure implementation (gorarakelyan)

  • Add aim commit command synchronized with git commits (gorarakelyan)

  • Add version control system factory (gorarakelyan)

  • Update all insights example (gorarakelyan)

  • Add model gradients tracking (gorarakelyan)

  • Add model weights distribution tracking (gorarakelyan)

  • Add aim correlation tracking (gorarakelyan)

0.2.9 Nov 30 2019

  • Update push tolerance when remote origin is invalid (gorarakelyan)

0.2.8 Nov 30 2019

  • Update aim auth public key search algorithm (gorarakelyan)

0.2.7 Nov 14 2019

  • Update dependencies torch and torchvision versions (sgevorg)

0.2.6 Nov 5 2019

  • Update aim track logger (gorarakelyan)

0.2.5 Nov 4 2019

  • Add branch name validation (gorarakelyan)

  • Add single branch push to aim push command (gorarakelyan)

0.2.4 Nov 3 2019

  • Update aim auth print format (gorarakelyan)

  • Update requirements (gorarakelyan)

0.2.3 Nov 3 2019

  • Update package requirements (gorarakelyan)

0.2.2 Nov 1 2019

  • Update package requirements (sgevorg)

0.2.1 Nov 1 2019

  • Add paramiko to required in (sgevorg)

0.2.0 Nov 1 2019

  • Update the repo to prep for open source pypi push (sgevorg)

  • Add error and activity logging (sgevorg)

  • Add push command robustness (gorarakelyan)

  • Add cli auth command (gorarakelyan)

  • Add public key authentication (gorarakelyan)

  • Update push to send only branches (gorarakelyan)

  • Add branching command line interface (gorarakelyan)

  • Update skd interface (gorarakelyan)

  • Add pytorch examples inside examples directory (gorarakelyan)

  • Add model load sdk method (gorarakelyan)

  • Add model checkpoint save tests (gorarakelyan)

  • Update file sending protocol (gorarakelyan)

  • Add model tracking (gorarakelyan)

0.1.0 - Sep 23 2019

  • Update setup py to build cython extensions (gorarakelyan)

  • Update tcp client to send multiple files through one connection (gorarakelyan)

  • Update tcp client to send images (gorarakelyan)

  • Update sdk track functionality to support multiple metrics (gorarakelyan)

  • Update push command for sending repo to a given remote (gorarakelyan)

  • Add cli remote commands (gorarakelyan)

  • Update cli architecture from single group of commands to multiple groups (gorarakelyan)

  • Add testing env first skeleton and versions (sgevorg)

  • Add dummy exporting files from .aim-test (sgevorg)

  • Add description for Testing Environment (sgevorg)

  • Update metadata structure and handling (sgevorg)

  • Add support for seq2seq models (sgevorg)

  • Update the output of doker image build to be more informative and intuitive (sgevorg)

  • Update README.MD with changed Aim messaging (sgevorg)

  • Remove setup.cfg file (maybe temporarily) (sgevorg)

  • Update the location for docker build template files, move to data/ (sgevorg)

  • Update the docs/ for aim-deploy docs (sgevorg)

  • Add docker deploy .aim/deploy_temp/<model> cleanup at the end of the build (sgevorg)

  • Add Docker Deploy via aim-deploy command (sgevorg)

  • Add Docker image generate skeleton (sgevorg)

  • Add AimModel.load_mode static function to parse .aim files (sgevorg)

  • Update exporter to decouple from specifics of exporting and framework (sgevorg)

  • Add model export with .aim extension (sgevorg)

  • Remove pack/unpack of the metadata (sgevorg)

  • Add pack/unpack to add metadata to model for engine processing (sgevorg)

  • Add aim-deploy command configuration in cli (sgevorg)

  • Add basic cli (sgevorg)

  • Update for cli first version (sgevorg)

  • Add initial cli specs (sgevorg)

  • Add directories: the initial skeleton of the repo (sgevorg)

  • Add gitignore, license file and other basics for repo (sgevorg)