Home Page

Aim Home Page is a high level overview of your training activities and how to find your way around the Aim UI.


There are four main sections:

Statistics and activity

Use the Statistics and activity to obvserve general info about your experiments and runs.

The heatmap shows the intensity of experiments you have made for the day - the darker the color the more experiments.


Each cell represents the set of training runs for that day.

The cells are clickable!


Once clicked, you will navigate to the Runs explorer page and automatically query the runs made on that day.

search run

Integrate Aim with your code

A quick guide on how to get started with Aim.

Also links to the docs, a colab example and a live Aim demo.


Get Involved

The Aim community is growing rapidly. Join the Aim slack.

Ask questions! You’ll be most welcome!

get involved

Explore Aim

Aim is a collection of super-effective ML experiment Explorers. Use this section to navigate through them.

explore aim